Investors & Realtors: Can they win in the Rent to Own business?

Are you an investor or thinking of becoming an investor? If so, you will love this video because it explains how the residual income possibilities in this scenario can be endless. There are several features and benefits to consider and look forward to. Buyers and Landlords are not the only folks who can win big in the rent to own space when it comes to home ownership.  Buying a home and renting it or reselling it can be very lucrative. This video explains all the features and benefits of the rent-to-own market as a business more so than doing it as a person who is trying to provide a home for their families. We have another article about that for people who want to know if buying a home through a rent-to-own program is best for them. You might want to check out this video if  you are an investor or realtor. It also explains the benefits of being a renter or homeowner who wants to profit from lease to purchase agreements. However, it also gives great information for people who want to approach purchasing homes as an investor or realtor.

Check out some of the many beautiful methods used by realtors and investors get to play with (I mean that in loose terms)  when they are seasoned in their craft in the rent-to-own niche. How would you like to earn commissions on beautiful homes like these in this video below!!

 Essentially, the video explains  over the course of 40 minutes that Residual income is an awesome benefit to enjoy as an entrepreneur in this business. In fact, according to Lease2Purchase, “What do these financial geniuses know that you don’t? Simply put, they know that residual income provides for a steady cash flow that is paid at a date after your work has been completed. Imagine the income you’ll receive from lining up one or two quick and easy deals every month for the next twelve months.”

Other immediate income producing possibilities include:

  • Paying a referral fee to someone for lining up these opportunities for you

  • Consulting on an hourly basis

  • Charging an up front fee for your services instead of waiting for the residual income

*******Why do they say that the “Possibilities are endless?”*******

“At minimum, you have a fiduciary responsibility to determine whether a Lease 2 Purchase agreement could help them solve their real estate problems. It may be exactly what they need — and trust me — they will thank you for it!”  At the end of the day, you are in a position to make the Lease 2 Purchase option known to a select group of potential clients who would not qualify to purchase in any other way. They will remember the opportunity you have given them and reward you with future business. Future business could mean tons of referrals that can make it totally unnecessary to continue paying for advertising or spending time doing cost-free advertising. Your popularity could totally go viral both online and offline! Isn’t that what all businesses want??